A Night Downtown With Alexis Kimpton

I’m not really one to get sentimental about places, but there is something about this place that is just so special to both me and Alex. We don’t have many traditions in our marriage, but going to the Alexis Kimpton each year to celebrate our anniversary is one that is very important to us. Every time we step back into that hotel, it feels like everything else kind of fades away and we get to just focus on the two of us and our marriage. It’s the best!

We stayed in one of their gorgeous spa suites with one of the biggest bath tubs I have ever been in haha! They welcomed us a sweet note, a bottle of wine, and a fruit and cheese platter in our room!

Once we got checked in and settled in to our room, we headed down to The Bookstore Bar and Cafe for their happy hour. We ordered some drinks and seriously the BEST tacos I think I have ever had in my whole life. When you go, make sure to order the Lengua Tacos and thank me later.

After we had enjoyed some drinks, we spent some time walking around Seattle, talking and laughing, until we decided to stop at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I hadn’t been there in years and it was the perfect thing to end our night with!

I actually ended up feeling SO sick that night, which was a total bummer! We had wanted to curl up and watch some movies but I ended up just going to sleep so that I could enjoy the next day.

Thank goodness I woke up feeling better the next day! We were able to enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed complete with fresh squeezed orange juice (our favorite), an omelette for Alex and, of course, Avocado toast for me haha!

As I was going to get ready, I realized that I had completely forgotten my straightener. I was trying to use the hair dryer to get my hair straight, which was absolutely not working in my favor. On the counter was a long list of items that the hotel had downstairs, and low and behold a straightener was on that list, along with a note that said if the hotel didn’t have it, they would send someone to the store to get it for you. I was blown away by their willingness to serve their guests.

After I averted that crisis, Alex and I headed down to explore their gym! I was SO excited because they had a climbing wall and I absolutely love climbing. They gym had truly everything you could think of and was broken up into a functional gym and cardio room. The cardio room had multiple treadmills and elliptical machines, and the functional gym had the rock climbing wall, monkey bars, dumbbells, and a rowing machine.

We had about an hour left before check out so we decided to rent two of their bikes that they have on hand to explore the city. It was so fun to be able to bike through the Seattle! It was something new and we both love to bike so it was the perfect way to end our mini vacay.

A huge thank you to the Alexis Kimpton and The Bookstore Bar and Cafe for having Alex and I. We truly cannot wait to come back next year and create more memories.

I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone, either as a staycation or if you are visiting the city. And for all of you dog parents out there like us who hate leaving your pups at home when you travel, they welcome all sizes and kinds of animals so you can travel with your furry family members. Harley doesn’t know what she’s in for next year! :)