Silver Star Mountain Resort: Our Snowy Weekend Getaway

When Alex and I were first invited to go to Canada for a snowboarding trip, we were both a little hesitant because our January was already looking so full, but I know I speak for both of us when I say it was THE best decision we made this month. We were invited by our brother and sister-in-law and went with a group of some of their very best friends to Silver Star Mountain Resort.

I had never heard of Silver Star before this trip. I feel like anytime I hear people are going skiing or snowboarding in Canada I immediately think Whistler, anyone else with me?? Well Silver Star is a part of the powder alliance, which is a group of mountain resorts that are all connected that allow for you to ski at different places for free as long as you have a seasons pass at one of them. Since Alex and I have seasons passes at Stevens, we were able to board in Canada for three days for free. It was definitely a plus when it came to the cost of the trip, and if you are wanting to save a little extra money, Silver Star is absolutely the way to go.

 We met up early on Friday morning, packed up, and headed to the Canadian border. It took about 7 hours to get to Silver Star, but it was 100% worth the long drive. The place where we stayed was so incredible! It was the perfect size for all nine of us and had a hot tub, which was 100% necessary after boarding all day for three days in a row haha! The cabin was right on one of the runs of the resort so we were able to walk right out our front door and get on a lift. We took Friday night to get settled, relax, and play games and then woke up early on Saturday morning to hit the slopes. 

I honestly haven't been snowboarding on many different mountains, but the resort had the best snow I have ever boarded in. The lift right by our house was absolutely beautiful and had perfectly fresh snow on a Saturday morning. We were all so surprised that the mountain wasn't very busy since the snow was so incredible, but none of us were complaining! We boarded most of the day on Saturday, went home to rest, and then we headed back out for night skiing. I only lasted two runs because I was so exhausted!

We were too tired on Saturday night to cook so we decided to go out and see the village. Compared to Whistler it is very small but it was absolutely perfect. It was so quaint and had the perfect small town feel. It was all decked out in lights and it was so beautiful walking through the town at night.

 We went to Long John's for dinner and it had such a cute vintage, country vibe. The food was really good and the staff was awesome. Everyone was really wanting to try poutine, a Canadian dish of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, so we ordered a plate and everyone tried them. They honestly weren't my favorite but some of us really loved them. I think it is definitely something you should try when in Canada to get the full experience!

Sunday was another full day of boarding. We were able to explore more of the mountain and finally started to get our bearings. Most of the runs were really long and some of them took us an hour to ride. I loved how spread out the mountain was and how there was so much to explore. I think my favorite part of boarding is getting off the groomers and hitting the fresh powder in the trees. There are usually sharp turns, jumps, and fun trails that always seem to help me improve my skills as a snowboarder. There were so many opportunities on this mountain to be able to do that and I think that is what I loved the most about it.

Another thing I loved about this resort was that our passes enabled us to be able to do other activities on the mountain other than board or ski. We could ice skate, play ice hockey, and tube all for free with our pass. So on Sunday night after taking some time to relax, we put all of our snow gear back on and went to the tubing hill for a few runs. We actually had a BLAST! We were like a bunch of eight year olds as we raced each other down the hill while screaming and laughing. It was a good reminder that you are never too old to have fun.

Monday was a really low key day for me. I was too tired to go out boarding so I just took some time to relax and enjoy the cabin and the beautiful view. That night we decided to head back out to the village for one more hoorah before heading home the next morning.

When we first arrived at Silver Star I posted about it on instagram and a girl I had just recently started following reached out to me and said that she worked there (say what??) and offered some recommendations for us! It was SO cool that social media provided an opportunity for connection and it made me really appreciate it that much more. She recommended the restaurant 1609 and it was AMAZING! The atmosphere was sophisticated yet comfortable and the food was to DIE for. If you ever end up going there I highly recommend the Lettuce Wraps :) 

I highly recommend traveling to Silver Star. Most of the condos and houses are ski-in, ski-out places so you can jump on a run as soon as you are ready to go, the snow is amazing, and the mountain is full of so many activities for all ages. Overall, this trip was absolutely incredible. We enjoyed digging deeper into new and old friendships and exploring a new mountain that we will hands down go back to again one day.