Road Trip to Chelan, WA

Whenever we decide to road trip, we know that we need our Starbucks and snacks in hand. We love to take it nice and slow and enjoy all of the views and towns we drive through. Sometimes my favorite part of going on vacation is the drive because it can be so relaxing and there is nothing else to do besides sit there and enjoy being with my favorite person. Lately, we have been listening to Dave Ramsey's Financial Freedom course (nerds, I know) but we love it! It sparks amazing conversation and makes us excited about planning for the future. I always feel like I have a 30 year financial plan ready to go by the time we arrive to wherever we are going! 

This past weekend, Alex and I took a road trip to Lake Chelan for a few days. Our birthdays are three days apart and we both worked so we knew we were going to need to postpone celebrating for a few days. If you have never been to Chelan, I highly recommend it! The views around the lake are spectacular, and  the wineries, restaurants, and atmosphere of the town really help you to step into vacay mode. 

We stayed pretty far up the lake, about 30 minutes from town. My aunt and uncle just built a big, beautiful house on the lake and it felt like a slice of paradise. This trip was part of our wedding gift so my aunt spent the weekend making all of our food, and serving us so that we could truly just relax. Our favorite thing to do was get up in the mornings, drink coffee, and sit out on the deck and talk. It was so refreshing and relaxing! Maybe it's just us, but whenever we have time to just sit and take in gorgeous views, we dream bigger, laugh harder, and love deeper. 

We got up early to go for a run the first morning before it got too warm and when we got back we had breakfast waiting for us. My aunt is an incredible cook and we were definitely spoiled with her delicious meals. Alex and I got ready and then drove into town and walked the strip of downtown Chelan. There are so many cute little stores and they have maintained an almost Western theme so all of the shops look like they are out of a Wild West film. When we got back we got into our bathing suits and laid out on the dock the rest of the day.

We slept in a little more the next day, had an amazing breakfast, and then decided to head out and take our time to get home. We stopped in Cashmere to check out an amazing store called Urban. 10/10 would recommend it to you. It's filled with Joanna Gaines home decor line Magnolia and you walk out wishing you could take the whole store with you! 

Overall the weekend was incredible and if you have been thinking about going but just aren't sure, you need to! There is something for everyone. Whether you are a cabin on the lake kind of person, or a condo lover, hiker or swimmer, wino or beer lover, everyone can find something that they love and enjoy.