The London Plane: A Taste of Europe in Pioneer Square

Walking into London Plane was like stepping off of the streets of Seattle and stepping into a quaint English café. The atmosphere was bright, airy, and open but it was still an intimate space to have breakfast with a friend, sit and blog, or have business meetings. 

Alex and I had breakfast there on the morning after our anniversary and to say that it was incredible would be an understatement. Alex actually, and I quote, said, "These are the best eggs I have ever had in my whole life." Well, coming from the guy who is all about a cheap, chain restaurant comfort food breakfast, I would say that pretty much should seal the deal for anyone haha! 

The London Plane is a cafe, bakery, flower shop, and specialty store all wrapped up into one and it is absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to go back and spend many coffee dates there cozied up in the corner with my laptop, coffee, and pastry in hand.