I Quit Shampoo with DevaCurl


I will never forget the first time I used DevaCurl. I was in 9th grade and my mom had set it in my shower for me to try. To be 100% honest, I HATED it. It didn't lather, I had a hard time rinsing it out and so I didn't and it made my hair greasy... I vowed to never use it again haha! Well jokes on me because I decided to give it a go again while I was in college. And I loved it. My hair had never felt so soft and hydrated and my curls were bouncy and frizz free. 

I have used DevaCurl off and on since then and I was so excited when I received my first Voxbox from Influenster full of Devacurl goodies. This product is so unique because it doesn't contain the chemicals most shampoos have that end up drying your hair out. The lathering mechanism in shampoo is actually what strips the hair of it's natural oils so DevaCurl has NO LATHER. It literally feels like you are just rubbing goop into your hair haha! It takes awhile to get used to but the results are absolutely worth it.

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner exclusively since I received my VoxBox and my hair is less frizzy and I am starting to get my natural bounce back in my curls.  During season changes, my hair always gets staticky but this shampoo has for the most part kept that at bay. If you have the opportunity to try it out, I would encourage you too, especially if you have naturally dry hair or very curly hair. 

Along with the shampoo and conditioner, I have been off and on using the gel that came with my box. The neat thing about this gel is that you put it in when your hair is wet, scrunch your curls, and then don't touch it again until your hair is dry. When your hair is dry, you re-scrunch your curls and it releases the gel so that your curls stay in place but the crunch of the gel is released. The gel allows your hair to be soft and bouncy without the crunchy look that most gels leave. I don't usually leave my hair naturally curly so I don't use it often, but I have really been impressed with it so far.

If you are interested in trying out DevaCurl products, you can follow the link HERE and then let me know what you think!