Tis' the Season for Celebration with Basic Invite

Every year, as the holiday season starts to ramp up, I always tell myself, “okay, this will be the year I finally send out Christmas cards,” and without fail, every year, the season fades, along with my dream of sending out a Christmas card. But THIS year, thanks to Basic Invite and Lauren Neely Photography, my dream of finally sending out a Christmas card is coming to fruition!

Something that I struggle with when it comes to customizing stationary is finding styles and colors that fit my vision. I always go into it with a specific design and color scheme in mind and then can get discouraged when I don’t find exactly what I am looking for. What I was so thankful for on Basic Invite, is they had so many design options that I could pick from, not to mention their almost unlimited color schemes that I could play with, which included their envelope color options. It made the process so much easier knowing that I could really find something that fit my vision and style.

We opted to keep our Christmas cards simple this year, but if we had wanted to get a bit more fancy, Basic Invite offers foil options to take stationary to the next level. The foil comes in gold, silver, and rose gold (my personal favorite) and I could choose to have it be raised or flat.

After it was all said and done, I felt really confident in the cards we had created. The online preview gave a perfect picture of what our Christmas cards actually look like in person, which I think is very important. For those of you that need that extra reassurance however, Basic Invite gives their customers the option to order a sample preview of their invite or card to make sure it is the color and quality that they are looking for. I don’t find that many companies do this, and I think it really speaks to their desire to give their customers the exact experience and quality product they are looking for.

I know it’s only October and I may be really jumping the gun in preparation for Christmas but I knew if I didn’t jump on it right now it would never happen haha! They have some amazing options right now for those of you that aren’t quite ready to embrace the christmas season yet that include, invites to thanksgiving dinner and halloween parties.

If you’re like me, and already listening to Christmas music, then they have over 500 Christmas and holiday card designs including victorian Christmas cards, modern designs, and everything in between!


I was so impressed with the quality of the cards we received, that Alex and I are planning on using them again when it comes time to hold a house party we are throwing next summer.

They currently have a promotion going right now that gives you 30% off at checkout if you use the code “holi30”, which is a great way to save, because you know things start to add up quickly come this time of year. Happy shopping friends!