Winter Tag 2017


I was tagged by the ladies from Oh Darling Blog, some of my favorite bloggers, to answer a few questions about winter fashion, traditions, and skincare. I don't know about you, but I am always looking for fun new activities to try or ways to up my skincare routine during the season of chapped lips and dry skin. So here we go! All of my answers to the 15 questions!

1 | What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Growing up, my favorite tradition was always getting pajama's from "the elves" on Christmas Eve to wear for Christmas morning. They were always left on our front porch Christmas Eve morning and we always loved coming downstairs and opening our boxes! Now that I am married, Alex and I have started our own traditions and it has been so fun! I think our favorite is Christmas morning. We wake up early, have hot Apple Cider, start a fire and open our stockings.

2 | What are your favorite go to winter lippies?

As far as lipsticks go, anything Maybelline is my favorite. I love dark, bold lips for the winter because it provides such a contrast to the dreariness of winter. My lips are always chapped in the winter so my all time favorite chapstick that I wear literally every day is Burt's Bees. It is my absolute favorite and I always have it on me no matter where I go.

3 | What is your favorite winter scent?

My favorite winter scents this scene have been from Anthropologie's line of Holiday Good Natured Soy Candles. I wanted every single one but ended up buying the Winter White Candle. It was the perfect Christmas smell and the candle itself was so pretty!

4 | What is your go to winter fashion trend?

Gosh, this one is hard for me since there are so many that I am loving right now! I would have to say beanies are my fave winter trend right now. I love that they are practical yet add flair to any outfit. 

5 | What is your all time favorite holiday movie?

Hands down, my favorite holiday movie of all time is The Holiday. I could literally watch it over and over again!

6 | What is your all time favorite holiday tune?

My favorite part about the Christmas season is the music. I love Christmas music so much that come October, I am ready to just blast it! I don't think  I have a specific song that is my favorite, I just love all Christmas music in general!

7 | Do you prefer to travel or stay home for the holidays?

Almost all of my family and Alex's family lives in the Edmonds/Seattle area so we don't often need to travel for the holidays. Both Alex and I love to be home for the holidays, but on the occasion that we do travel, either to Olympia for Alex's side or Eastern Washington for mine, it always brings so much added excitement and adventure to the holidays. 

8 | What is your favorite winter skincare must have?

Moisturizer is an absolute must for me during the winter. I get really dry skin in the cold and being in the dry air of the hospital does not help my case haha! I use Mary Kay's face moisturizer year round and I absolutely love it. It leaves my face moisturized but doesn't leave it greasy which is definitely a win for me. 

9 | What is your favorite winter hair care product?

To be honest, I hardly ever use anything in my hair. I know I definitely need to step up my hair product game so if any of you have suggestions of products you love, leave me a comment below!

10 | What is your favorite winter activity?

My favorite winter activity is definitely snowboarding. I started going up about six years ago but because of school was never really able to put in the time to really fall in love. But starting last year, I was able to put more time into it and now I look forward to boarding every week!

11 | What is your favorite must have winter beauty product?

This year my must have beauty product is definitely Tanceuticals. I get SO pale in the winter and ever since I tried their product I'm addicted. I use the face tanner basically every day and it gives me a perfect, natural glow. I can tell that it makes a huge difference whenever I wear it and it makes me feeling fresh faced and glowy even when the weather is drab and dreary.

12 | Do you love or hate the snow?

I LOVE the snow. I honestly wouldn't be upset about moving somewhere that I was guaranteed snow every winter!

13 | What was one item on your wish list that you received? (Since I am doing this after Christmas I am switching the question up a bit )

I got a new snowboard jacket this year and I am so stoked about it! I don't even remember explicitly asking for it but when I opened it, I could not contain my excitement!

14 | What is your favorite holiday treat?

My mom makes these amazing chocolate peppermint shortbread trees that I look forward to every year. What I love even more about them is the tradition surrounding them. Most years growing up we would sit around the table, and build the trees together. We would take the triangle shortbread cookies and dip the ends in white chocolate and stack three on top of each other to make a tree. When they were all built, we drizzled white chocolate across them and then sprinkled crushed candy canes on top. They are absolutely delicious!

15 | Do you finish your holiday shopping before December or are you a last minute shopper?

Alex and I are usually pretty good about creating a list of what we want to get for people well before December. However, actually going out and getting everything usually happens in December LOL. We always try and get a head start on it but it never seems to really happen!

Now I am nominating a few of my favorite bloggers that I absolutely love following to join me in this fun winter tag! And feel free to answer some of these questions below! I love getting to know all of you that follow along :)

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