My Current Favorite Hair Brand


I've never really been one for using hair products. Maybe it's just my laziness when it comes to doing my hair in the mornings, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I don't like the feeling of having product in my hair. It either feels too stiff or kind of grimy. But when I knew we were going to be doing quite a bit of traveling, and that it was going to be humid I knew I needed hairspray ASAP.

I had heard about Dove's Detox and Purify Dry Shampoo from a friend and instantly fell in love so I knew that their hairspray would probably be a love at first try too. And I was totally right! I bought the Flexible Hold Hairspray, and it was a dream! It kept my hair in place, but wasn't terribly heavy and didn't make my hair feel dirty. Plus it smells AHH-mazing so that's always a win in my book!

I've talked about this particular dry shampoo in a previous post but I will rave about it again because it is just THAT good haha! I feel like every time I have tried dry shampoo it just makes my hair white and doesn't work for very long or very well. But this dry shampoo works so well! It actually makes my hair feel clean and doesn't leave a powdery residue. If you are looking for the perfect dry shampoo, you guys-this is it! I've linked both products in this post so check them out and let me know what you think!