Voluminous Lashes

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I can't be the only one that thinks having full, voluminous lashes can make your whole face just pop! Whether you have a special mascara that you love or you get lash extensions, you know what it means to have a good lash day am I right?! 

The first time I got my lashes done was for our wedding about a year ago and I absolutely fell in love. I started them three months before the wedding to get used to having them and to find the exact style that I wanted for our big day. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous to try them out just because I had no idea what to expect or if I would even like them, but I was so happy with the outcome.

After our wedding, I did end up letting them grow out, but knew that I wanted to get them again at some point. So fast forward almost a year and when we went on our trip to the South, I decided to get them again since I knew it was going to be really humid and hard to keep mascara on without it dripping every where by the end of the day haha! 

Well obviously, behind every girl with lash extensions is an incredible lash artist and I have to rave about my lash artist because she is seriously AMAZING! Mackenzie started her lash business in her home (can you say girl boss??), which is where I was getting my lashes done a year ago, but she just recently began renting out a space in Seattle Sugar Spa Edmonds location. The space is cozy and relaxing with the comfiest bed in her salon and I swear I fall asleep every time I get my lashes done! lol Kenzie is incredible at what she does. She truly is an artist and is able to create exactly what I want without me even needing to explain it to her! Not only is she a kick-ass lash artist, she is seriously the sweetest and makes you feel so comfortable. She is easy to chat with and makes the experience really comfortable and relaxing.

I would recommend her to ANYONE so check out her website Macklash to book an appointment with her today. You will definitely not be disappointed.