A Glimpse Into Our Home

This has been a long time coming but I have finally gotten enough together to write this well over due post haha! To be honest, since I am such a perfectionist, I have been putting off this post because our house is not even close to being what we want it to be. However, I am trying to be okay with the process so I am choosing to put aside my insecurities and welcome all of you into the process as I will keep sharing aspects of our home as we continue to make changes.

Alex and I bought our home right after we got married. We actually purchased the home from a couple at our church, so we were allowed to move in the day we got back from our honeymoon and rent the house to them until we signed the papers a few weeks later! It was such a blessing to be able to move right into a home that we could call our own and not have to worry about where we were going to be living.

Our house was built in 1919 so it holds lots of character and has many little quirks. Although it isn't our dream home, it is fun to be able to decorate to fit the style of the home. We have gone with more of a shabby chic feel for now. Alex and I both like things a bit more modern but it really wouldn't fit the character of the home, so for now we are enjoying this type of style until it is time for us to move on.

Even though I knew there was much work to be done for our little home, it felt so good to know we actually had something that we could call our own! The time we spent dreaming up projects and talking about how we wanted to make the house our own was so much fun and an awesome way to start our marriage! 

We started with little things here and there, trying to just get settled, and then we started to take on bigger projects. Both Alex and I have things about our home that are important to us. For me, its the interior of our home, and for Alex it is the yard. Since we moved in very close to winter time, Alex wanted to start with working in the yard so that come spring time we could start to rebuild our yard. 

Our yard was a disaster LOL! The lawn was uneven and spotty, with random patches of dirt and there were bushes and plants that were in the worst possible places. Alex spent days ripping and pulling things up, which led to this HUGE pile of dirt, trees, and plants in our lawn (the top left picture). We finally got it to an acceptable place so that we could at least tolerate going outside. 

By the time we were done with this project, we decided to stick to indoor projects until it started to get nice again. We worked on deep cleaning, organizing, more cleaning, and then just taking time to enjoy our cozy little space. I also decided to paint our fireplace which was a hideous green color. I picked what I thought was a white gray color and while it was definitely a step up from the green, it turned out to be a more blue gray and I was not in love haha!

We are actually working on redoing our entire fireplace at the moment! We have repainted it white, torn out this random mountain scene (what?? haha), and Alex is currently working on rebuilding a brand new mantel! We will also be rebuilding a new hearth out of brick instead of this slab of black slate. Here are some pictures of it updated but I will definitely be doing a new post with updates so stay tuned for that as we continue to work on it!

Starting in about May of this year, I was finally fed up with the outdoor color of our house. I appreciated the fact that the color was "unique" but I like to stick to classic colors when it comes to the home so I knew this green wasn't going to pass for very long. My wonderful husband spent several days power washing our garage and house, cleaning moss off of the roof, and scraping paint off the siding. 

We decided to go with white as the main house color and black trim. I am SO happy with our choice of colors and it was exactly what the house needed. Check out some before and after pictures!

As you can see, the front porch steps still needs lots of love as well as the walk way and front yard in general. We will starting with landscaping the front yard in the spring and I can't wait!

Something that I love the most about our house is redecorating. I think I have reconfigured our furniture in everyday possible in our house. My poor husband! I can't count the number of times I have switched things up in our home while he is at work and he comes home having no idea where anything is LOL!

Lets start with our bedroom! The day we first moved in, my parents brought some of our things to the house and set them up for us. They even covered our bed with kisses! How cute is that?! Our bedroom is actually quite small so it is hard to find ways to organize it without it feeling cluttered and busy, but we have managed to make it work.

Our bathroom which is connected to our bedroom is actually the only bathroom in the house aside from the half bath in the laundry room (did I mention the house was built in 1919 lol). I actually love our bathroom! My dad, who happens to build custom homes, actually redid the bathroom shortly before we moved in. The floor is my absolute favorite and is a welcome modern touch in our home. We are planning on changing out the vanity, but it works for now!

Our living room and dining room space are all one big room so I often will switch them up to keep things interesting. The trim and paint color in this room will be our next big project after the holidays. We will be staining the trim darker and painting the walls white. If I had it my way, I would have white everything, but Alex loves dark accents so we came to a compromise so we can both be happy haha! Here are a few ways that I have styled our living and dining room!

Now our kitchen I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with. It is easily my favorite part of our house but also my least favorite (go figure haha!) The kitchen has beautiful dark cabinets, and a gorgeous white farmhouse sink that I am obsessed with! The backsplash and countertops however are probably my least favorite thing in the house. We plan on eventually putting in marble countertops with white subway tile backsplash.

If you have made it to the end of this post, thanks for bearing with me! I am so excited to continue to work on our home and keep all of you updated on our progress!