Empowerment through Fashion with Aventura Clothing


I have seriously been on an athleisure kick these past few weeks, so when Aventura Clothing reached out to me to collaborate I was so excited! I had never heard of them so I spent some time scrolling through their website looking at their clothes. Their style reminds me a lot of the popular brand Athleta and when I recieved my items in the mail, I was so happy with the high end quality of the fabric. I will get into the items that I picked in just a second, but I really want to share more about this company and why I am so excited to be collaborating with them.

It's really important to me that I share companies with all of you that I can truly support and would buy from again or refer people to. Aventura is absolultely one of those companies. Aside from having cute athletic clothes that are amazing quality, they also give back to the community in a very positive way. Aventura partners with Uncommon Threads, an organization that provides clothing for domestic violence survivors helping them to feel empowered and confident when returning back to the workforce. Aventura donates clothing quarterly to this organization, and I love that supporting their company means supporting and advocating for women who truly need it.

Aventura also uses eco-friendly fabric and Fair Trade Certified factories whenever they are able to. This isn't something you hear much about, but they are continually working towards creating a culture that is aware of the impact they have on the lives of those who work hard in the fashion industry. It is obvious to me that this company really strives to make a bigger impact in the world aside from just creating cute and practical clothing. They are intentionally working to change people's lives for the better in the most practical and positive ways. 

I think sometimes it is so easy to just buy clothes without thinking where they came from or who is working hard for us to feel confident and fashionable. Learning about this company and how they are making a difference in the fashion industry is something that I deeply admire and respect.

Now to share the pieces that I picked! I wanted to find a piece that was a bit different than anything I would normally wear, which is why I picked the Amaris Skirt. I love that it is sporty, but still flattering and chic. I put it on and instantly felt like I could wear this playing tennis, even though I am 100% NOT a tennis player haha! The fabric is super soft and I love that it is long enough that I wouldn't have to worry about it being a little too revealing while being active.

The second piece that I picked out was the Amaris Hoodie. I obviously had to pick a hoodie because who doesn't love a good sweatshirt, am I right? I wanted a piece that was versatile and that I could wear as an athletic piece, a comfy yet trendy sweatshirt for a more casual look, or a piece that I could wear to work. This sweatshirt definitely fit all of my needs. Again, the fit is really flattering and I love that it is a little form fitting and not baggy. If you are looking for a good staple piece I would highly recommend this hoodie.

I hope after reading this post you guys are as excited as I am about this new company that I have found! Definitely go check them out and let me know if you purchase anything from them. I can honestly say you will not be disappointed.