Life Through the Lense with Eye Buy Direct


I have never had the need to wear glasses. I have always had perfect vision and when I was younger glasses weren't exactly what everyone wanted to be wearing as a fashion statement haha! But now, glasses are an awesome way to add a pop to any outfit and there are so many options and styles available so people can find what works best for them. 

I've recently started noticing that when I spend an extended amount of time on my computer or my phone when I am working on my blog or Instagram I start to get headaches. And when I am on the computer at working charting, my eyes start to really hurt because the screens are so bright. I also start to get nauseous and if you know me, you know I hate nothing more than nausea lol! 

The other day one of my co workers showed up to work with glasses that protect your eyes from the blue light that screens give off. It reminded me that I absolutely needed to get myself a pair. My bestie and blogger babe had told me about the company EyeBuyDirect awhile back so I decided to jump on their website and check them out for myself. They sell prescription glasses, sunglasses, and non prescription glasses that are strictly for protecting your eyes from the blue violet light from digital screens.

Now, the hardest part for me about finding glasses is that my face is so small, most of them look wayyy to big or awkward and make it look as if the glasses are wearing me instead of me wearing the glasses. EyeBuyDirect allows you to upload a picture of yourself so that you can virtually try on their glasses. They have you measure your pupillary distance and then center virtual glasses over your eyes so that you can get an accurate idea of what the glasses will look like on your face. It made the experience so much easier, especially while buying glasses online.

When I received them in the mail, they looked exactly like the glasses that I had ordered and fit virtually the exact same as the image that I had uploaded and used on their website!


I purchased the Strike glasses, which was a style that I was a little skeptical of at first, but when I tried them on I instantly loved them. The frames are a bit more low profile but the striped style adds more of a striking appearance to them which I love! I also purchased the Bristol glasses. They are a bit more bold on my face with the thick black rims but I love how they add dimension to my face and elevate any outfit that I put on.

They have hundreds of styles to choose from, making it difficult for me to pick just two pairs!I will definitely be buying from them again in the near future and I highly recommend them to you as well!