JORD: A Classic Timepiece

 Growing up in a family with a Dad who was a beautiful craftsman and perfectionist, and a Mom who appreciated timeless fashion and statement pieces both for the wardrobe and the home, I grew to have a picky eye when it came to my choices in many different things.

Over the years I have come to have appreciate well crafted pieces that are versatile and classic, yet possess a special boldness to them. I've partnered with JORD watches because I feel they provide the quality and uniqueness that I often strive to find. With Christmas right around the corner, the feeling of wanting to pick the right gift for each of my loved ones comes to the forefront of my mind. I don't like to just buy things right off people's lists, but would rather surprise them with something they wouldn't even think about putting on their list. 

These beautiful time pieces are truly the perfect gift for anyone on your list, both guys and gals. Their watches are beautifully crafted with specialty woods to create unique looks and styles from trendy to classic, athletic to business. 

I personally chose the Cassia series in Walnut and Vintage Rose. The watch is beautiful and I feel that I can wear it dressed up or a little more casual. The rose gold face is a perfect feminine touch and the walnut wood gives it a warm tone and really helps to accentuate the rosy colored face.

I think there is something so special about gifting people gifts that can be treasured year after year, and I truly believe that a watch from JORD would be one that any one on your list would value and appreciate. 

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